I really don’t know where to start, but our football club is being ruined by a bunch of people claiming to be Clapton fans. A lot of us came to this club based on the atmosphere when we first arrived, three years ago.  Since those happy days some have been hell bent on causing as much disruption as possible.

When you read between the lines it is nothing more than opportunist.   So what are they doing? Firstly, discrediting and bringing down the management by the information put out, letting off flares at other grounds so that the club has to pay the fines. Our behaviour is so bad one club decided that they only want “Home Supporters” when they play us. How times have changed.   The FA, the county and the league are all looking at ways to stop this pathetic behaviour. Someone has to say it but you people don’t represent Clapton Football Club.

You’ve done everything you can against the club and nothing to promote the club. We are all getting fed up of hearing about Vince McBean and the management are doing all these dodgy things and as a result the ground is in liquidation, the club is in danger and we are going to lose the ground.

We are not going to lose the ground, and our club is in a strong position. We are 5th in the league, although we didn’t get all the players we wanted  because people spread the rumour at the beginning of the season that  we didn’t have a home pitch, and we can’t play at the Old Spotted Dog, where are we playing now! New supporters have been turned away by our so call Clapton supporters!

Are you really sure? If you’re really so annoyed at what’s going on then stay at home drink a Tyskali, bottle of Champagne or smoke a spliff,  and enjoy your life. Why come to the ground to cause problems  and ruin it for others?

All of us true supporters are only concerned about is finishing within the top three, and we have the possibility to be promoted. That’s what the manager, the management  and supporters should be concentrating on not spending time and money on meeting the FA, County league and the requirement of the Health and Safety Executive. This is totally bonkers. T here have never been a set of supporters deliberately trying to stop the club from going forward in all the time I’ve been involved in football. You need to stop this and get behind the club and the regime. You’re not going to bully people into your view.  You need to come into the ground and help build the club, or stay away. Standing on boxes looking over the fence looks bloody stupid or alternatively go and meet with the management over a beer with some creditable proposal. Don’t go and tell them you want a fan owned club when they saved the club and  have been here 20 years.

Sorry, management to go on like this but this is really …..ing off a lot of people and someone has to say something.  Said my piece see you on Saturday.

True Clapton supporter