There has been much commentary surrounding the disciplinary action taken recently by the club in relation to Jerry Jairette, one of our longest standing players.

We do not intend to go into the details of the action taken, other than to say that the decision was not taken lightly – Jerry has made a big contribution to the team and has been instrumental in its progress.

However, all clubs and organisations, have a disciplinary code that everyone either accepts, or they face the consequences of any action that falls outside of what is acceptable. Continuous flouting of those rules, particularly when in positions of responsibility within the team, therefore results in sanctions and this is the current situation.

All Clapton players have been made aware that they are at Clapton to play football and should not get involved in any of the off field matters and if they want to get involved then they can do so at another club.

Officers and players have a duty not to bring the club into disrepute and that means at any time, regardless of whether they are on the pitch or not, whether they are posting on social media in an official capacity or on their own personal accounts.

Where comments are deemed improper, bring the game into disrepute, or are threatening, abusive, indecent or insulting, the league is also duty bound to take disciplinary action as appropriate.

More importantly, Clapton has U18 and U16 youth teams, therefore our senior team is expected to set the standards for the developing players. What role model are we setting for players, when senior members within the team make inappropriate comments about opponents.

This is not the first time inappropriate comments have been made on social media by a Clapton official or player. The difference here is that once it was brought to the attention of the individual it was removed with an apology and that was the last of it.

The club is pushing on with re-establishing a vibrant youth section of the club and it is vitally important that we all work towards nurturing these young people in a responsible manner. The club will always take steps to enhance and protect them.

We will also be reviewing the club’s policies and ensuring that all players are fully aware of their responsibilities.