Last Saturday saw the Tons gain a 2-0 win in their first League match of the season. Unfortunately, by 11:26am on 31st July, we were given advance notice by the league of their intention to fine Clapton for flares being let off (See the League letter).

Last season we asked everyone not to bring flares, pyros, etc  into the ground and let them off, regardless of whether it was before or after the game, and to a large degree this worked. The latest action by the minority will force us into a position to use the wand and search everyone entering the ground. This is not the Clapton way.

People, we are now walking a very tight rope of being sanctioned with matches being called off, due to flares. The people who are responsible know who they are.  For the rest of us, we will suffer the consequence if no action is taken to stop the flares.

Finally, we have for the past three months worked very hard to improve the club both on and off the pitch; you have an improved team and facility. We want to continue concentrating on improving the club and not have our energy diverted and our limited resources used into fighting appeals, instead focusing on Clapton improvement. We have an exciting programme of events coming up that will push our club further forward, help us do that, get rid of the flares.

P.S. We are waiting to find out how much the fine is going to be, which could be anywhere up to £250-£500!

Vincent McBean
Chief Executive