After an enquiry into an incident at Sawbridgeworth Town FC on 25 March, 2017, Clapton Football Club had been charged with “Section E20(a) – Failed to ensure Players and/or Officials and/or Spectators conducted themselves in an orderly fashion”. This offense will carry a sanction against Clapton Football Club. This is unfortunate considering we were also asking the league and county to support our application for promotion to the Ryman League.

Currently, we are looking at the club’s option regarding appealing against this charge. We do not know if the person who committed this offence is a he or she or a supporter of Clapton. We have not been provided with any proof. The safety officer of the home club is responsible for the safety of players, official and spectators.  That said Clapton has also now been charged.

This incident has put Clapton in the spot light and has had more publicity for all the wrong reasons, and detracts from all the good we do. Those who have and continue to be part of this type of behaviour know that this is not the way Clapton supporters conduct themselves, and we don’t want it at our club.

Considering all the factors, we have taken the decision to withdraw our application for promotion to the Ryman League this season. Clapton has applied to enter the Essex Senior League for season 2017-18, as well as the FA Cup and the Vase. We will also have an U18s team all teams will be playing at the Old Spotted Dog Stadium., the same venue we will be playing matches at for seasons to come.

There will be serious thought of how we as a club go forward, as this type of behaviour will not be part of Clapton or its future.