We have made a point of not putting anything out on social media and the web until everything has been finalised. However, as the Ultras have subsequently issued a Facebook post (below), which is not a true reflection of the situation, we feel obliged to present the actual situation.

Following several hours and days of discussion  with various representatives of the Clapton Ultras and others, at the beginning of the week we thought we were in agreement on a number of points. At the request of a representative of the Ultras, we agreed that a joint public statement would be issued. When a draft was sent to the Ultras, everything changed.

Right now the sticking points are that the Ultras want to be consulted on all future price rises. We have already given a commitment to hold regular meetings with the Ultras and to give advance notice of any price increases and to publish this on our website, in our programme and on social media. This stands. However, the Club’s pricing of tickets will not be open for negotiation.

Further, the Ultras do not want to issue a joint public statement and do not want to put a named person to any statement.  It was on this basis that the board approved the agreement.  Subsequently, when a draft statement was produced,  this joint public statement was rejected and we were told that separate statements should be issued.

The proposed joint statement is shown here.  We are awaiting agreement on this from the Ultras, which will enable everyone to pay these prices at today’s match against Waltham Forest.


The 2016/17 admission prices will be: 

  • Adult – £6.50 
  • Concessions (OAPs, Unemployed, Refugees, Students – ID required) – £3.00 
  • Children over 10 – £1.00 
  • Children under 10 – Free 
  • Disabled fans – Free 

Also agreed: 

  • No further price increases this season 
  • Advance notice regarding future price increases will be communicated through the Club’s website, in the match day programmes and on social media 
  • Failing to address issues including flares, pitch invasions and supporters bringing alcohol into the ground will lead to the club being sanctioned, and the cluand all supporters must confront this. To this end, security will be present as required. 

 Finally, all sides have committed to working together cordially and constructively in the mutual interests of the club, the team and the supporters.

First off, huge apologies for the very late in the day post. We’ve just been given a hard lesson in messing about, delaying and rearranging the furniture over what had already been agreed.

After more talks with Clapton Chief Exec Vince McBean this week we were very close to officially ending our boycott and taking back to the Scaffold this weekend.

However despite agreements on most key issues to do with pricing and communication, the club has backtracked on an agreement on communicating to supporters and inserted new conditions after the meeting had concluded. Despite numerous attempts by us to reconcile these additions to the agreement we have been unable to agree on the final deal.

Sadly, we’re asking again for all clapton fans to join together outside the Dog at 2.30pm tomorrow to boycott our game against Waltham Forest.