There has been a group of individuals spreading rumours that Clapton Football Club has no public liability insurance. They have gone as far as contacting the League, the opposition of our FA Cup matches, Newham Council and others, knowing that this is just a way to create problems for the Tons as part of their ongoing quest to take over the club. As a result, others have jumped on the band wagon, making derogatory comments and statements across social media.

However, as everyone involved in running a Senior League football club is fully aware, it is IMPOSSIBLE to kick a football as part of any competition without public liability insurance being in place – in fact it is part of the affiliation process, which clubs have to complete and have approved ahead of the start of the season.

We haven’t commented on this issue before now because our focus is, and will continue to be, on playing football and moving forward as a club so that we can reach our long term goals of promotion and growth. However, as the disruptive element is going unabated, we now feel that we need to stop and make the facts clear.

The facts are that Clapton Football Club has, and has always had, Public Liabilty Insurance Cover in place. As the case every season, this will be renewed automatically as part of the affiliation process to play competitive football under the London FA and Essex Senior League, as well as being a requirement of the FA under its rules and regulations.

We’ve also noticed that comments are now also being made about the need for Employer’s Liability. Clapton Football Club does not require Employer’s Liability Insurance as we do not employ staff. However, our volunteers play a big part in the Club, something which is really appreciated. Under our Public Liability Insurance all of our volunteers are covered for the valuable input they have in supporting the club.

We trust that this clarifies things for the real supporters of the club.