This section of the website has been dedicated to providing the facts, answering questions and correcting any misleading statements being made on social media and across the internet. Clapton Football Club is committed to providing the real supporters of the club with answers – if in doubt over something, please ask. Drop us an email with your questions or request a meet up.

There are many statements about Clapton Football Club pervading social media, football blogs and a variety of self serving news websites. Many of these statements are particularly negative and are directed at the management of Clapton Football Club.

Further, since the start of the 2017-18 football season, the Clapton Ultras, a formidable and strong fan base, which has seen the Tons moving from supporters of 50-120 to being one of the largest fan bases in the Essex Senior League, have decided to boycott all Clapton’s matches (although there is a presence at away matches).  The reasons for this are set out separately but in summary, they want to “take back” Clapton Football Club. The Ultras have joined forces with others, including the group calling themselves The Real Clapton FC and others.

We have to admit that we have been so focused on responding (or not responding) to the many negative and often inaccurate statements being put out that we have tended to overlook the “real supporters”.  We would like to publicly  apologise for not keeping you informed of the facts and leaving you to rely on the various statements being made by others.  We sincerely value your support and to this end, we have now created this special section on our website called “Tons Make Clear”, which is designed to respond to and provide clarity around issues and statements made on the internet, as well as providing real supporters with a platform to have their concerns addressed.

Why the fans are boycotting

Clapton FCAt the start of the 2017-18 season, the Clapton Ultras, probably the largest fan base of Clapton Football Club, announced that had joined forces with the Real Clapton FC, a group not associated with the Official club, and that they were going to boycott all matches.  Just before the Tons home match against Norwich United FC in the Emirates FA Cup on 19 August, the Ultras set out the reasons for their boycott in a letter that they distributed to the local residents surrounding the Old Spotted Dog.

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Supporter raises concerns

The creation of “Tons Make Clear” was partly prompted by an email we received from  a concerned supporter. To protect the individual’s privacy, we’re not going to include the email. Instead we will respond to the main statements, that they have asked us to publish… “You may have been stopped and told outside the gates that the management is attempting to wind the club up and the fans have an injunction to stop this and are boycotting games in protest…”

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Tons dispel rumours of no Public Liability Insurance

Clapton Football Club 1878There has been a group of individuals spreading rumours that Clapton Football Club has no public liability insurance. They have gone as far as contacting the League, the opposition of our FA Cup matches, Newham Council and others, knowing that this is just a way to create problems for the Tons as part of their ongoing quest to take over the club. As a result, others have jumped on the band wagon, making derogatory comments and statements across social media.

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