Ahead of the recent London Senior Cup match, the hosts, Metropolitan Police FC issued a notice to say that the match was only open to home team fans.  Understandably, Clapton supporters were not happy with the decision, but then certain individuals took to Social Media making false statements and comments.

The various statements on Twitter and on the Clapton FC News website claiming that Clapton officials caused the Met Police to have a Home Supporters policy for the evening game is totally false and not evidence based.

It is clear that due to the nature of Twitter, some people feel that they can say anything they like, regardless of what they know or don’t know, whether it’s fact or fiction. For example:




The facts are we were contacted by the Met Police, following the club receiving direct contact from the Clapton Ultras. The Met Police, having read a variety of social media posts, wanted to know how many people they should expect and whether they needed additional security.  The issues about pyros is well documented as you can see and this was also discussed.


The reality is, the Met Police has many ways of finding out information, without  even having to look any further than Twitter, for example this one, “McBean vs Pyro. There is only one winner”. All the other statements and images posted by the Ultras and others include, but not limited to:

  • The spitting at an opponent
  • Fights between supporters resulting in media coverage
  • Broken nose of an Ilford supporter resulting in media coverage

In addition, the Ultras’ views of the police is no secret!

All this and more information has been placed on the net. No one wants that sort of behaviour at their ground and although it’s a shame for those supporters who just want to watch the Tons without all the drama, we accept the Met Police’s decision.

Since then, Southend Manor FC, for the second time this season, has decided to play matches against Clapton FC in front of home fans only. The first we knew about the latest decision was when we received an email on Thursday afternoon. There was no discussion had with anyone from Southend Manor FC.

The body of the email is shown here:

Good Afternoon,

Please be advised that Southend Manor Football Club have announced that the above mentioned fixture is for HOME supporters, entry to this game will be for Southend Manor FC club members and season ticket holders only.

Entry will be refused to any AWAY supporter who travels to the ground seeking entrance.

The Club has taken this stance following the recent announcement and the burden of financial penalties being invoked against the home club should any pyrotechnics/flares be let off during a game, Southend Manor feel the risk is too great and therefore have taken the decision to refuse entrance to the ground to away supporters.

Please be advised that club member passes and season ticket holder passes will need to be shown at the turnstile to gain entry into the ground.

Lastly, a decision will be taken by the club to manage future home games on a game by game basis.

Having put out the notice as early as possible, yet again, the commentary on Twitter is more of the same – we were previously criticised for not saying anything about the Met Police Match and now we’re being criticised for communicating the decision of Southend Manor:



The individuals who made these statements do so under aliases for the simple reason to escape libellous and other actions against them. With no name or registered address to respond to they operate in a place where only their peers can contact them.

There is no hiding the fact that these statements and others made over the years have affected Clapton Football Club, the league and the FA. Statements like:

  • Clapton has no public liability insurance
  • Clapton has no tenureship to play at the Old Spotted Dog Ground
  • The Friends of Clapton supported by the Ultras wrote to all the clubs in the Essex Senior League for the clubs informing them that we have no tenure and that they have a venue, players and coaching staff to play at this level therefore, vote them into the league instead of Clapton Football Club
  • Clapton Football Club is in liquidation
  • We have tried to sell the ground
  • Telling our opponents not to come to our ground as it is not safe

All of the above statements are total 100% lies and the Ultras and other have made decision on these lies.

It is therefore a bit rich now to complain that clubs want home supporters only when playing Clapton. Social media is awash with ill informed details put out by the Clapton Ultras and others. Therefore, the decision of the Met Police and other clubs is based on the anti-social behaviour and history created by Clapton fans and no one else.

The players, coaching staff and officials want fans at our home and away matches without flares being let off, anti social behaviour or alcohol smuggled into the ground – if you want a drink use the bar. Those are basic requirements of any football club. If you adhere to this all clubs would welcome all Clapton supporters.

The bottom line is everyone is getting fed up with this behaviour regardless of how it’s wrapped up.