In the past 48 hours we have received several emails from individuals stating their concerns about some of the supporters at Clapton.

These emails include the following statements:

“…the NWI are talking about targetting your club because of these extreme left wingers”

“I recommended you sort out your antifa fans the have been insulting lee rigby, and there is a lot of pissed off people..and as a result of this,groups have been asked to do a demonstration at your club.”

“I see your fans are involving themselves in far left Antifa activities. this is going to lead to EDL style demos at your ground.”

Clapton is a football club and our primary objective is the furtherance of football and using the sport as a vehicle to help to support the lives of young people in Newham and elsewhere. We have a strong ethos in the club of not tolerating discrimination or racism of any kind. We have supporters who have been at the club for a number of years and we have supporters joining us all the time. We do not know what has happened that has created the correspondence we are now receiving, but rest assured, if we find anyone who is conducting themselves in an inappropriate manner, they will not be welcome at the club.

As a club we would like to apologise to anyone that may have been offended by any alleged activities or comments or actions that involve the Clapton FC name. We also want to make it clear that we are not associated or endorse this behaviour.


Vincent McBean
Chief Executive